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MOTO-BUNKA X AGHARTA - MB Backpack/2 Tone Blue

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言わずと知れた日本のBMXメディア。ウェブメディアを軸に、モト文化通信やモト文化放送、映像制作など、様々な形でJAPAN BMXシーンを世界に発信する。

"MB Backpack"



シンプルなデザインで普段使いに丁度良いデイパックを元にBMXライダー目線で作ったバッグです。MOTO-BUNKAのオリジナルワッペン とAGHARTAとのコラボタグが付いています。






"MB Kids Backpack"

デイパックと基本設計、機能は同じでキッズや小柄な方ちょうど良いサイズにしました。 肩幅が狭かったりしてずり落ちないようにチェストストラップを付けました。

着用モデル:Sosuke Hayata(11歳)




* If this product is out of stock, it will be a pre-order for order production.
In the case of pre-order, the delivery time is about one and a half months.

* Product photos are of kids size.
The original size does not come with a chest strap.

A bag made from the perspective of a BMX rider based on a daypack with a simple design that is perfect for everyday use. Comes with MOTO-BUNKA's original emblem and a collaboration tag with AGHARTA.

The back is well padded to comfortably carry hard items such as tools and pumps. There are pockets on the left and right sides of the bag that can hold drinks (beer), etc. Anything you put in deep enough won't pop out. When you ride a bicycle, you tend to lean forward, so the opening of the pocket is slanted to prevent it from falling off and make it easier to remove. I devised how to attach it so that the upper hook does not hit the neck and make it uncomfortable. Secure the helmet through the gaps on the left and right of the hook to stabilize it. The shoulder straps are S-shaped and fit snugly to the body. The fabric on the back is slippery, so the shirt doesn't roll up or form pills. There is a padded pocket inside for a PC or tablet.

Color: Two Tone Blue

Size: Height/420mm, Width/330mm, Depth/140mm

Fabric: 1000D Cordura Nylon

Lining: Nylon

"MB Kids Backpack"

The basic design and functions are the same as the daypack, but the size is just right for kids and small people. I added a chest strap to prevent it from slipping down if you have narrow shoulders.

Size: Height/390mm, Width/310mm, Depth/135mm


*There is a slight size difference in each product. Please refer to it as a guide.