About RODI


「The only store where BMX culture gathers」

We carefully select and stock only selected brands from the core BMX brands both domestically and internationally from around the world.

We will deliver apparel and BMX products that can only be obtained here, suppressing the latest trends born from BMX street culture for professionals, beginners, and who like street brands.

RODI will play a role in connecting people to culture created by BMX street riders around the world to make people known of the this culture.


Nobuhiro “Pegy” Masuda

When I was 16 years old, I happened to meet BMX when my best friend showed me a BMX video. When I saw a rider running freely in the street in the video, I was shocked by the things I saw for the first time, which are not sports, bicycles but not bicycles, and I have been fascinated by BMX ever since.

In my early twenties, I was working for an import agency for camera equipment, but I found it worthwhile to get to know various equipment from around the world and deliver it to the people who needs. Fortunately, taking the opportunity to be sponsored as a rider, I traveled between Japan and the world with BMX and met many peoples and friends through BMX. It was been 5 years since I worked for an import agency at that time and a friend of mine who runs a BMX apparel brand in the UK asked me if you can distribute it in Japan. When I heard that, I thought maybe BMX can also do what the camera equipment import agency does. Like similarly, people may not have the opportunity to know any information about the brands, maybe some people may have given up because they can't buy it in Japan. So I thought I should distribute BMX cultures and brands with using my connections that I made through BMX.

RODI CONNECT disseminates the real BMX culture from all over the world. As like I had a chance to started BMX, I will increase the chances of encountering BMX and make various peoples aware of BMX, to make it into their eyes. Our mission is to create an environment that anyone can see and buy BMX brands that born from this culture.