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DUB – Blazers/Cannaflage Reversible Bucket Hat



リバーシブルになっており、逆面はDUB BLAZERSロゴが刺繍されているシンプルな仕様。




A bucket hat with a canna fragrance pattern from DUB.

It is reversible and has a simple design with the DUB BLAZERS logo embroidered on the other side.

The cannaphrage side is made of nylon. The BLAZERS side is a black canvas.

Asia shipping ¥470

International shipping ¥600

Free shipping over ¥20,000

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"CHILLS NOT SKILLS" Since: 2008 Country: Liverpool Owner: Jack Dub UK Riders: Dan Lacey, Ben Lewis, Dan Paley, Josh Roberts, Sam Jones, James Alcock, Ollie Evans, and James Curry International Riders: Bruno Hoffmann (Germany), David Grant (Usa), Tony Malouf (Usa), Charlie Crumlish (Usa), Anthony Perrin (France), Fernando Laczko (Spain), Filipakkos (Greece), Marnold (Australia), Sam Waters (Australia), Max Bespaliy (Russia), Igor Bespaliy (Russia), Pavel Nikonov (Russia), and Dennis Yakimov (Russia)