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TARALEBA - Toreleba Lock

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"Toreleba Lock"





サイズ:17.5 × 12 (cm)






Introducing an idea product that makes use of the U-lock.

Comes with a normal U-lock and a device for attaching a smartphone. This device will change the U-lock to a camera handle that enables low-angle follow-up shooting and fixed shooting when shooting BMX and skateboarding.

There are six ways to attach a smartphone, and it supports not only horizontal shooting but also vertical shooting, and it goes without saying that it will be useful in various situations such as taking selfies by yourself or shooting with friends

Color: Black, Gold


17.5 × 12 (cm)

Accessories: U-lock, 3 keys, smartphone mounting device

* Smartphone compatible width is about 55-90mm

* Because it is handmade, there are variations in the embroidery insertion part.

* Your smartphone may fall depending on how you use it.
We are not responsible for any damage or malfunction of your smartphone that occurs when you use this product.