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【予約商品】MOTO-BUNKA - MB Bike Chain Necklace

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言わずと知れた日本のBMXメディア。ウェブメディアを軸に、モト文化通信やモト文化放送、映像制作など、様々な形でJAPAN BMXシーンを世界に発信する。

"MB Bike Chain Necklace"













* Pre-order period ended.

* This is a pre-order product.
Pre-order period is until July 3rd.
Arrival and shipping time is scheduled for late August.

A bike chain necklace made in Japan that reproduces a chain used for BMX at the world's smallest pitch. Has also a brand tag on it engraved with the MOTO-BUNKA logo.

Made in Japan.

Mens Model: Wearing 50cm

Length: 50cm or 45cm (about)
* 50cm Mens size, 45cm Ladies size
Width: 4.2mm (about)
Pitch: 3.1mm (about)
Weight: 17g

Iron (Nickel plating) 

[Caution] (Please be sure to read)

- It is not a product for metal allergies. Please refrain from those who do not fit your skin to nickel plating.

- If it gets wet with water, dry it completely before storing it. Although it is nickel-plated, it may cause rust inside, so please avoid seawater.

- Since it has a complicated structure unlike general necklaces, it may become clogged with dust or rust inside the chain link depending on the usage conditions. Applying a lubricant spray to the stuck area will improve the movement of the chain. Please use again after thoroughly degreasing.

- To prevent discoloration of the plating, we recommend that you wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth such as a glasses wipe and store it in a jewelry case or a sealed bag after wearing.

- The plated surface may become dull depending on the usage conditions and aging. In that case, we recommend maintenance with a cleaner dedicated to plating.