2020年東京オリンピックが2021年に正式に延期されたと共に、Bruno Hoffmann率いるドイツのアパレルブランド、CIAOより「HELLINIKON」と題した映像が公開。


Bruno Hoffmann、Kilian Roth、Mo Nussbaumer、そしてビデオグラファーのRich Forne、フォトグラファーのMerlin Czarnullaと共に2004年のアテネオリンピックのカヌー競技のために建設され、今は廃墟とかしたトラックを舞台に既存の産物を再解釈することをコンセプトにした映像を制作。



彼らのサポートとこのプロジェクトの実現のために、ドイツのRed Bullが協力したこともまた面白い部分です。


With the 2020 Olympic Games officially being postponed to 2021 we present to you HELLINIKON.

While BMX Park will be an official part of the next Games being held in Tokyo, Japan Bruno Hoffmann, Kilian Roth and Mo Nussbaumer teamed up with filmer Rich Forne and photographer Merlin Czarnulla to put a different spin on things and decided to reinterpret an existing leftover of the Olympic circus – the olympic canoe track of 2004.

After lying deserted for over 15 years in the birthplace of the Olympic Games the decaying canoe track now offers tons of possibilities to ride and film a BMX video.

Getting the clips they desired turned out to be quite a challenge due to heavy security surveillance of the Olympic venue and resulted in a week long game of cat and mouse with the local security guards patrolling the premisses 24/7. The riders & mediacrew made the best out of this tense situation by figuring out a way to still be productive while constantly being on the edge hiding from security.

At times it felt more like a real-life hide and seek rather than a regular session with the homies but that made things quite interesting to say the least.

A huge shout out to Red Bull Germany for their support and making this project a reality.

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