RODI X FAKIE STANCE – Collaboration Tapered Pants Available Now

本日、RODIとFAKIE STANCEとコラボして制作されたTapered Pantsが発売開始しました。

FAKIE STANCEは愛媛は松山から発信する、Made in Japanにこだわりを持つストリートウェアブランド。


今回のTapered PantsFAKIE STANCEがオリジナルで制作しているものをRODI用に改良したものになります。


Made in Japanならではの一段上の質をぜひ手にして感じ取ってみてください。

Produced in collaboration with RODI and FAKIE STANCETapered Pants” has been released.

FAKIE STANCE is a streetwear brand with a commitment to Made in Japan.

The apparel produced from the original body is particular about the comfort as well as the appearance.

This time, Tapered Pants is an original version of FAKIE STANCE that has been improved for RODI.

It is made on the premise of riding, we choose tough and easy-to-move materials, and those with calm colors.

Please feel and feel the quality of the quality of Made in Japan.

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