150S-TOWN – TAIKI 150

福岡出身であり、福岡のストリートカルチャー集団であるHOODSCREWの一員でもあるTaiki Nita。彼が東京に拠点を移したこともあり、渋谷ローカルのMasa率いる150S-TOWNに加入。



Taiki Nita welcome video from 150S-TOWN.

He lately changed his basement to Tokyo from Fukuoka and caught up with Masa who is the don of Shibuya local and joined his crew called 150S-TOWN.

They are young but have raw street vibes witch is very cool to have in this era.

Keep your eyes on them and if you have a chance to come ride to Tokyo, must get in touch with them!!

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