CIAO Fake News Mixtape – Sebastian Anton | Dima Prykhodko

新作アパレルと共に公開が始まったFake News Mixtape!

毎週パートごとに公開され全6パートで構成される本作ですが、今週は5パート目となる、Sebastian AntonとDima Prykhodkoのスプリットパート!


CIAO ⬅︎アパレルはこちらからどうぞ

After putting in work over the last year we’re proud to present our latest mixtape titled “Fake News”. The whole 30+ minute video features riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Slayer Tom, Eddie Baum, Dima Prykhodko, Jan Hollinger, Felix Reinhart, Fernando Laczko & many more.

This is part 5/6 of the mixtape featuring Sebastian Anton & Dima Prykhodko. Every Monday we will drop another part, concluding in the whole series in one month.

Our new collection is online at Every purchase of the “Fake News” shirt will receive a instant download link for the whole mixtape in the best quality possible.

Song: Childish Gambino – Bonfire

Video filmed by: Bruno Hoffmann & Merlin Czarnulla

Additional Filming: Moritz Nussbaumer, Jan Hollinger

Editing: Merlin Czarnulla

Title Animation: Lisa Spiess

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