CIAO Fake News Mixtape – Hans / Jonathan / Munya

新コレクションが入荷したばかりのCIAOですが、全6部で構成される3部目となるMIXTAPE 「FAKE NEWS」の新パートが公開されました。

今回はHans Valtingojer、Jonathan Kress、Munya Zanaの3人によるスプリットパート。



After putting in work over the last year we’re proud to present our latest mixtape titled “Fake News”. The whole 30+ minute video features riding from Bruno Hoffmann, Slayer Tom, Eddie Baum, Dima Prykhodko, Jan Hollinger, Felix Reinhart, Fernando Laczko & many more.

This is part 3/6 of the mixtape featuring Hans Valtingojer, Jonathan Kress & Munya Zana. Every Monday we will drop another part, concluding in the whole series in one month.

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Song: Peter Manns X Munitors – Mine (Live)

Video filmed by: Bruno Hoffmann & Merlin Czarnulla

Additional Filming: Felix Reinhart

Editing: Merlin Czarnulla

Title Animation: Lisa Spiess

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