ブランドについてご紹介するBrand Lesson!今回は東京の新宿を拠点とするBGM BMXをご紹介!


そんな彼らのモットーはBMXを楽しむこと。2009年から活動を始め来年で10周年を迎えるが、今でもそのモットーを貫き通しているところがまたいいところ。(BGMとはBeer Girl Moneyの略であるが、特に意味はないそう)



BGM BMX – HANDLE BARS ←商品ページはこちらでチェック!

また一昨年に発売されたDVDも記憶に残る作品。180を封印してストレートラインだけで勝負をしたまこっちゃんのパート、そしてトリを務めた内田匠 aka プチダのパートは必見です。

今後もBGM BMXの活動に注目です!

BGM BMX is a local brand since 2009 from Shinjuku Tokyo Japan.

The founder Nishimoto Makoto is running the brand slow and vague but thats what it is. BGM means Beer, Girl, and Money but means nothing.

They mostly make clothes but also organizing jams and they recently made the first handle bars. Sizing, looking, and cross bars length are just perfect for street riding. You will definitely love if you “know”.

BGM BMX – HANDLE BARS ←Check out the products here.

Also can’t miss to talk about their latest DVD and two sections that you can’t miss in this.

One is from Nishimoto Makoto. He sealed the fakie for his aesthetics and made the part with only straight lines. Using the spots as they have and making cuties with out some moves are not that easy. This is what street riding is. And another section that you can’t miss is Puchida’s banger. You will see a pure east coast riding through Japan.

Keep your eyes on what BGM BMX gonna do and make in the future!

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