カナダはオンタリオ州ロンドン発のブランド、BADVENTURES ZINEの取扱始めました。

彼らはストリート写真を中心としたZINE(冊子)やフォトTシャツをメインに商品を展開。オーナーはTHE MAKEのライダーでもあるMason Gray。彼はカナダのストリートシーンの中心人物の一人であり、2014年にBADVENTURES ZINEを始めます。彼の視点から、BMXを通してシャッターを切った数々の写真からはどこか懐かしいストリートで味わう感覚が蘇ります。



これからもZINEを中心に活動するBADVENTURES ZINEに注目です!

Connected to BADVENTURES ZINE from London Ontario, Canada. Available now at the store.

They make ZINE’s and photo printed clothes trough street photos since 2014. The owner of the brand is Mason Gray also from THE MAKE crew.  Aimed at showcasing bike riding how he view it makes us feeling of tasting somewhere in old-fashioned street is revived.

The ZINE “13-A” also handled in RODI is the third work for them. “13-A” is a name of Canadian train routes. I think that you can fell the difference of printed pictures from what you see on the screen, but especially I want to represent this feeling to younger riders.

Clothes are also centered on photographs, basic is all photo T-shirts that makes difference for other brands.

They will keep making cool shit with photographs so keep your eyes on BADVENTURES ZINE!